Labor Day Weekend

Sunday and Monday

September 4 & 5, 2005


Late Sunday afternoon we headed to Torrey Pines State Beach.

Torrey Pines is the closest beach to our house, due west 8 miles. Actually, "due west" puts you north of this beach, but I mean "due west" not in a literal sense, but a California sense, which means the east/west freeway deposits you right here.

In the picture, that's La Jolla Cove jutting out on the horizon.

Kristi packed the family a picnic dinner which we ate on the beach.

South Torrey Pines (there's a north and a south, separated by a mile of road/beach and a river mouth) has supplanted La Jolla shores as the family's beach of choice.  While it doesn't have the grassy areas or concrete boardwalk of its cousin 5 miles south, it's easier to get to and easy to park.  It does cost $6 to park here, but the free parking lot at the Shores is often full, making for a long walk from wherever you find a spot in the surrounding neighborhood.  Don't even suggest a beach that doesn't have a rest room.

The colors of sky, sandstone, and beach were quite interesting.

We brought along the volleyball for a little pepper in the sand.

Six p.m. on Sunday on Labor Day weekend and plenty of room on the beach!

Doug has gotten pretty good at pepper: good enough to wail on a set by his dad.

On golden Pacific.

The boys kept playing volleyball until they ran out of light.

We stayed for the sunset, then went back home.


The next morning, Labor Day proper, we returned, this time to the State Park on the bluffs overlooking the beach.

Brad checks out morning walkers below on the beach.

Although it was ten in the morning, the park was still socked in.  This is undoubtedly the weather that the Torrey Pines enjoy

Doug and Brad gaze northeast over the Los Penasquitos slough, or lagoon; not quite visible in the center of the picture is the interchange between freeways
 5 & 56. Those are Torrey Pines left, right, and lower center.

Within an hour of our arrival the sun had dissipated the .

Arriving .

The view from our house.

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