Thanksgiving 2005


A walk on the beach

Thursday morning Kristi let it be known that she would really prefer an empty house to prepare for the afternoon onslaught of guests. Wanting to do something Nana couldn't due in Los Alamos, we went to the beach for a walk.

We drove due west to North Torrey Pines State Beach, the same beach we go to when we bike from the house to the ocean. South Torrey Pines beach, where we went Labor Day, is a mile south, beneath the bluff obscured by the fog and the showboating wide receiver.

It was a gorgeous morning, and just a wonderful way to spend 90 minutes relaxing.

Interestingly enough, we were not the only ones to notice how nice a morning it was and to take advantage of San Diego's natural wonders.

Doug, Nana, and Brad, with the beach stretching north behind them towards Del Mar, as we prepare to return to Penasquitos.

Dinner at our house

Itís the best event of the year to appreciate the remodel expansion, with no more putting a kids table out in the garage or outside on the patio (both experiments in creative space use in past years, never repeated).  (The kids are too big these days to stand for such blatant discrimination.)

The Cousins: Kali Brisby (less than a year older than Brad),
Brad, and Doug between Kelsy (on the left) and Quinn Rafferty.

The long kitchen counter/bar comes in mighty handy as a buffet line during Thanksgiving.

Conversation between the kitchen and the family room over the bar/counter. Left to right: Kristi, Jane, Ginger, Chrysanne, Susan, and Bill.

The kids' table, which in this crowd is 30 and younger, relegating Andy to the next generation. Actually, Quinn made the name cards, and so got to decide who sat where. She drafted Andy to the kids' table. Clockwise from left: Kali, Brad, Quinn, Uncle Andy, Doug, Kelsy.

The adult table (not nearly as much fun as the previous table, according to Andy, who should know): Kent, Uncle Jinson, Susan, Bill, Jane, Jeff, Chrysanne, Ginger, Kristi.

Ping pong and other diversions

Both Brad and Doug now have elbows and shoulders far enough above the ping pong table surface that they are no longer at a disadvantage and can play pretty well. Not so their younger, shorter cousins. Here Doug waits for Quinn to serve it up.

If your chin is above the table top, then you're tall enough to play. Therefore both Jeff and Kelsy qualify.

Big high five for Kelsy and partner Aunt Ginger. Something good must have just happened.

While Kelsy may have been at a height disadvantage playing, she was the only one present who could retrieve balls from under the table while still standing. This delighted the crowd to no end. I personally threw several balls under the table and asked her to retrieve them, trying to capture the perfect shot. This is as close as we got.

Ping pong wasn't the only game in town. The cousins also played several games of Guess Who. Here Quinn and Doug square off while Brad kibitzes. The biggest uproar of the night was when the cousins discovered a character that looked exactly like their grandpa Bob Rafferty.

Somewhere these last few years the ping pong "tournament" has become just pick up games for the interested, and the awarding of the trophy has become a popularity contest based on acclamation.  (That "somewhere" was as soon as people started throwing ping pong games to avoid winning the trophy.)

Rumors that Brad groused that he should have won the trophy for winning the Guess Who tournament are probably unfounded. Probably.

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