Doug at Loch Leven

July 3-10, 2005

Church Summer Camp

The walk in from the parking lot to the lodge and registration. Just 20 steps from the car, and Brad has already said, "Ah, <blank>!  I remember <blank>!" a dozen times.  Brad likes to go for the ride to drop Doug off for the nostalgic experience.  In about 10 more steps, someone, maybe all three of us, will turn to Brad and ask him to please shut up.

But this is Doug's third time up, so he has a few memories of his own, and knows a few of the other campers from previous years.

Bennet and me, outside of Ross House, the boys' cabin. You can see our bunks in the far left windows  above us; Bennet was top bunk and I bottom bunk.  There were four rooms in the cabin with a total of about 40 beds.

They call this place The Valley.  This is where we play most of our sports.  We played flag tag and baseball.  There was also a meeting place there in a gazebo. This is on the first day.

This is me cleaning our cabin at the end of the week.

Doug and Bennett beside Keith's favorite piece of equipment at camp: the dinner bell.  It is a train bell off an old Santa Fe steam locomotive.

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