Brad at Loch Leven

July 17-23, 2005

Church Summer Camp

Brad knows everybody, and everybody knows Brad.  At least it seems like it.  Even when dropping off Doug at his camp, when you figure the counselors would be different for a different age group, Brad seems to know everyone.

Brad's Family Group.

I think somewhere out of frame to the left (opposite direction of the basket) is the basketball, and what remains of Brad's shot after his bigger, taller, older counselor rejected it.  Still, Brad's elevation is pretty good.  Maybe the problem is that he isn't wearing his sunglasses.

Brad and Rachel (Brad's the one in pony tails) and a look that defies captioning.

Brad and his favorite counselor, Julian.
Brad in pony tails.

Sam's Peak is a hill behind camp with a rather steep scramble straight up.  Apparently a tradition is to climb it for sunrise, or at least before breakfast.  Brad is half in, half out of shadow on the left.

The official camp group photo. The theme was "Survivor."  Those are the camp counselors in the matching camoflauge shirts in the back two rows.  Brad is kneeling on the right side (black shirt, sunglasses).  He's doing "Charlie's Angles" with Alison on his right and Rachel and Julia standing behind them.  Alison is wearing his shirt, as she is in every picture we've ever seen of her at camp for the last couple years.  I really wish her parents would pack her more clothes so she didn't have to borrow.  But I'm glad Brad is being a good Christian and "sharing his cloak."

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