Two thousand and five is certainly the Tale of Two Years, or at least the tale of two half years, sharing the same calendar year.  The first six months were as grinding and demanding and straining as the latter half of  2004.  But the second half seems to be going better, as the family recovers from the period where Keith devoted so much time to Responsibilities Outside of Family.  I mean, I'm even writing web pages again, right?

Grandma visits with the cousins.

January picked up just where December of 2004 left off, with Keith spending a whole lot of his time on Aunt Betty and on church.  Doug was Baptized, and Grandma Rafferty came out just after the new year for the event.  And of course school started up again after the break for both boys.

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Family spends a week in Hawaii.

This family deserved a break.  So we finally took our much talked about (but always delayed) family vacation to Hawaii this month.  Spent a whole quarter of the month there. The boys had another month in basketball, and Doug played what turned out to be his last piano recital.  Keith prepared to transition to a new job in March as his old group disbanded.

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Handsome family.

Great Aunt Betty passed away, and her family and church friends gathered to celebrate her life.  Keith started his new job with a business trip to Plano, Texas.  Basketball completed, and both boys' teams made it to the championship game of their division in the playoffs.  Baseball games started for both boys.  Brad had a day trip to Pasadena for a band concert.

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First Padre game at Petco comes in the first month of the season.

Doug had his tenth birthday.  To celebrate, we took his first ever backpack trip, going 18 miles in three days and two nights along the Pacific Crest Trail.  Papa came for a visit, taking in baseball games by Brad, Doug, and the Padres.

Father-Son Backpacking.

Family camping trip, and what passes for a waterfall in San Diego.

Wow, we're in a real rut in May.  May is consistently baseball, church musical, Mother's Day, and a family camp out over Memorial Day.  We threw in some school events like Open House, tield trips, and a Renascance Fair, but even those, in some form or another, occur every May. Oh well, when the recipe works, why change it?


Father's Day breakfast at Keith's Restaurant.

The End.  The end of baseball, the end of school, and the end of Keith's term as Board Chair at church.  We managed to have some fun going to the county fair and to the local stop on the Professional Beach Volleyball Tour.


5K Fun Run in Balboa Park.

July is the one month left without any school in it, so it is filled with boys' activities: church camp, sports camps, basketball games and trombone lessons. We also begin our summer vacation this month with a trip to the midwest for Uncle Ken's wedding, Grandma Camp, and a visit with Grandma and Papa Rafferty.


Family members each hold a prized possession.

We were still finishing up our family vacation in the midwest the first week in August.  It wasn't too long after our return that school started again.  And of course a new sports season starts as well.


The beach is the one place where the floppy hats don't look dorky.  Maybe.

A picnic, hike, and fire started September off for us.  And that was just Labor Day weekend!  We settled into a schedule around school.  And the month ended with one of those bike rides as the family begins training for the Ride Across California.


The Sherwoods at their favorite restaurant in Julian.

The month started with a trip to Tijuana to build a house, but the web page starts with a rant.  The month ends with Halloween, but there are plenty of adventures this month before anybody starts dressing in costume and shaking down neighbors for candy.


The Sherwoods at San Juan Capistrano the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is in November, of course, which is a big deal for us since Thanksgiving is our "assigned" holiday and we host it at our house.  This year Keith's mom Jane (Nana) joined the crowd at Thanksgiving, and gave us an excuse to do touristy things around San Diego.


Unintended irony in taking our Christmas picture in front of our church's tree.

The year comes to a close with a mixture of the traditional and the new. After an eventful but sometimes rough year, we look forward to the promise of Advent and new beginnings.


Text and Pictures copyright 2005 by Keith Sherwood.  All rights, writes, and rites reserved.