January 23, 2004: The Pour


Although we certainly didn't plan it that way, due to the vagaries of scheduling a city inspector to come out to check the steel column footings and prep work, the concrete couldn't be poured until Friday, January 23, while Keith and Kristi were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.  So Keith's mom, who only agreed to come out and watch the boys, got more than she bargained for when the cement truck rolled up Friday morning at 6:30 a.m.
Thanks to Bradley for documenting the day while his parents had the good camera in Mexico.

From the bedroom window, Brad captures the spreading of the concrete.  Pretty cools stuff to see before the boys even leave for school.

That afternoon when they returned from school,
they were surprised to see them still working and smoothing the concrete.

After all the meticulous smoothing, nobody offered the boys the opportunity to write their names in the foundation, and they didn't ask.  Oh well, there's always the patio towards the end of the job.

With the temporary influx of extra arms and backs, Craig our contractor gets the cement finishers to help him move the I beam from the front sidewalk to the side yard.

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