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The words that best describe 2004 for the Sherwoods were "stress" and "unsettled."  We remodeled the house while living in it.  We were caregivers for an aging Aunt Betty.  During Keith's term as Chair of the Board at church, both the associate and senior ministers resigned.  Overall, we're just as glad to have 2004 over with, thank you, and look forward to a more manageable 2005.

For fun, compare Brad's and Kristi's heights through the family pictures below...


Kristi, Brad, Doug, and Keith Sherwood
at the Julian Pie Shop.

The remodel started in earnest in January. By that I mean they came inside.  Since the going was getting tough, Keith and Kristi left for Cabo San Lucas for four days and Nana came out to stay with the boys. Just a couple of days after she left, Ken dropped in.  Brad went to a weekend Church camp, and Doug sang at a local coffee shop.  Both boys played basketball.



The Sherwoods visit California Adventure again.
Both boys are still playing basketball.  And both boys sang at Church.  Kristi threw herself into preparing for her big winter project, the elementary school book fair.  Big progress was made on the remodel (although there still seems to be an infinite amount to go).  And everybody took time out of their full schedules to take the traditional winter time visit to a local Southern Californian amusement park.



Two theme parks in two months!?
What unaccustomed decadence!
The boys transitioned from basketball to baseball, and Brad tried his hand at umpiring.  Grandparents Bob and Joann Rafferty came out for a visit and a baseball game or two.  Doug and Keith had their spring camp out to Agua Caliente in the desert, and Kristi ran her book fair at Doug's school.  And the remodel continued to grind along.

We also went to Disneyland.  Okay, I know that you're thinking two amusement parks in two months is a little decadent.  And frankly, I agree, but there's a good reason as you'll learn when you read about March.



If the Sherwoods are all gussied up,
it must be Easter. Check out Brad's shoes!

April had Easter, and the traditional San Diego extended family get together.  It also always has Doug's birthday; this year, it was his 9th.   Both boys had exceptional experiences courtesy of school: Brad went on 6th grade camp, a San Diego tradition where city kids spend a week in the local mountains; and Doug went on the Floating Lab, an oceanographic field trip on San Diego Bay.  And both boys had good experiences courtesy of Keith's employer Intuit as they attended "Take Our Kids to Work Day."  Grandpa Art came out for a visit and took in a couple of the boys' baseball games.  Doug and Keith worked on his Pinewood Derby for Y-Indian Guides.  And the remodel has officially gone on too long as we eat breakfast in the garage and go out to dinner rather than sit around the house inhaling toxic paint fumes.



Why the exhausted faces?
Check out the Memorial Day Camping trip.

Yet another month of baseball pictures, statistics, and stories of and from the boys. The remodel actually wrapped up this month.  A Memorial Day camp out with the Bigelows, et. al., was added to the yearly family camping itinerary.  Brad competed in his middle school's Sixth Grade Olympics. Doug and Keith went camping in the mountains at Camp Marston, and returned early to catch Brad play Judas in the church musical.



The barstools finally came in!
At church, Keith retired from teaching Sunday School and was elected Chair of the Board.  Brad played in a final band concert, then baseball and school came to their simultaneous completion.  For the first time in years, this wasn't followed by immediately rushing out of town on vacation.  Brad and Doug actually got a couple days off before heading off to Grandma Camp 2004 in Durango.

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The Sherwoods with Great Aunt Betty and Amberly and Susan Middleton at Betty's 88th birthday.
July had both boys going separately to church camp for a week.  While Doug was there, we hosted two French Canadian 6th grade boys visiting San Diego.  Kristi got a mini-Vacation as she went to Phoenix for a good friend's surprise birthday party.
Keith and Doug had their traditional July beach camp out with Y-Indian Guides.  And great Aunt Betty celebrated her 88th birthday.

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The Sherwoods take their first trip to San Diego's new downtown baseball park.
Brad played summer basketball while Doug took swim lessons.  We finally went to our first baseball game at San Diego's new ballpark.  We took part in the annual Life Enrichment Week at church (a.k.a. Vacation Bible School).  And we celebrated the happiest day in the dog days of August: back to school.

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The Sherwoods on their traditional Labor Day weekend camping trip.
The annual Labor Day Camping trip with 5 other families had to find a new, unburned location this year.  Grandpa Art visits for his 50th high school reunion.  Keith completes the grand Death Valley to Mt. Whitney bike and hike that he has been training for all summer long.

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We had to go to someone else's house for dinner to get proper Halloween scenery in the background.
Papa came out for a short visit, we took an autumn trip into the San Diego county back country, we helped host a biennial Regional Assembly at our church, and Kristi published the middle school directory.  For Halloween, Doug was a nerd with coke bottle glasses and pocket protector, and Brad reprised his hippy, adding a beard and guitar to become Jerry Garcia.

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The day after Thanksgiving found us ferrying around San Diego Bay.
Kristi and Doug took a short trip to Illinois to visit the grandparents.  We took advantage of Chamber of Commerce weather and spent a day along the waterfront downtown.  And of course we hosted the extended San Diego relatives for the traditional Thanksgiving feast and annual ping pong tournament.

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All decked out for the holidays on our new deck.
The Season of Advent that never was.  Kristi is left to "do Christmas" practically by herself as Keith spends all his time at church, either physically or mentally, being Board Chair when the senior minister resigns.

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