through the Years

Amusement Parks seem a likely subject for a retrospective: you generally take a family picture there, and you can see how your tastes for rides change through the years.
For this retrospective, we're sticking to Amusement Parks and excluding oft-visited San Diego favorites The Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. 
Also, I'm not including Seaworld, mostly because I don't have any digital pictures from the two times we've been there (which gives you an indication of how long it's been since we went there). 

If nothing else, our choice of backdrops has improved through the years...

Dec 29, 1993: Disneyland
Our first family trip to Disneyland was for Brad's second birthday.  We went with Jeff, Chrysanne, Bob and Joann, and 100,000 midwesterners in for the Rose Bowl. Spent an hour in line for a hot dog.
Made a note to self: never go to Disneyland
the week between Christmas and New Years again.
And we haven't since.

February, 1994: Disneyworld, Orlando, FL
Just 6 weeks after going to Disneyland for the first time, we flew across country and went to Disneyworld and EPCOT Center.  Kristi was working a convention, so the hotel and her airfare were free. Kristi's high school friend Marcy lived there now, and her husband Alan worked at the park, so he comped us into the parks.  All in all, it couldn't have been done any cheaper! The only problem was Brad developed a high fever, and we had to visit the local clinic in Kissimee.

February 4-5, 1995: Disneyland
We took the train from down town San Diego to Anahiem, then spent two nights at a motel next to Disneyland, and two days in the park.  All this for Kristi's birthday.  And because it was the last time she could have fun before she became too pregnant.  Yes, that's Doug beneath the table to the left.

May 1998: Disneyland
Our first trip to an amusement park of note since Douglas was born.  Doug had been to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park many times by now, but this was his first trip to Disneyland.

April 23, 1999: Legoland
For Dougie's 4th birthday, the family went to Legoland in Carlsbad for the first time.

  June 2000: Legoland
  Legoland for a second year in a row after discovering it had two nice advantages over the Magic Kingdom: it was close, and the rides were all aimed at the elementary school ages.
 (In summer 2000, the boys are 5 and 8 and a half,
entering Kindergarten and second grade.)
Here we are in our "can't get lost in a crowd" outfits.


January 2001: Disneyland

Time to head back to the big D, figuring that Douglas, now age 5 and a half, would enjoy more rides.  By the looks of the log plume picture, he did.

This picture always looked like an album cover to me...

  April 2002: Knott's Berry Farm
We went to That Other Amusement Park in Anaheim, someplace none of us had ever been.  KBF seems to aim for the teen crowd, with lots more roller coasters. The boys aren't thrill seeking teenagers yet, and pretty much refuse to ride any of them. Mom and Dad sample a few.

The trains are certainly better at Knott's than Disney!

February 2003: California Adventure
Our first trip to California Adventure, a park Keith always denigrated as silly since we already lived in California (so why go to an ersatz California?).
This is the trip that the boys finally discovered they liked roller coasters and thrill rides, as you can see by their excited, anticipatory expressions in the picture to the left.

  February 2004: California Adventure
March 2004: Disneyland
The winter Southern Californian marketing deal this year was two parks for the price of one, as long as your second park was within 30 days.  Just a clever way to get you to buy more of their over-priced food,
 I say...

The seamy underbelly of Disneyland: exhaustion.

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