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Baseball Threw Out April, 2004

Doug is definitely going to end up  as more of a power hitter than Brad. He's got a longer swing and he routine lofts it over the infielders and in front of the outfielders.  When he hits the gap between outfielders, he gets two.

Brad's strength has always been his "baseball geometry," or the ability to know exactly where to go to meet the ball in its flight path.  Here's a little bloop over the pitcher's mound that he will move in and make a shoestring catch from shortstop.  The ball is in the picture, just follow Brad's eyes...

Doug is not a speedster around the bases, but then what slugger is?  He does know his situational running, however, like when to run and when he can stay put.

More of Brad at shortstop. He routinely plays the first three innings at catcher, then switches to shortstop for the final three innings.

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