Another year, another Sherwood Family web site to share our thorns and roses, comings and goings, rants and raves.  Maybe this year I'll even update it regularly!  
They grow and mature right before our very eyes, often so slowly we don't even notice.  What was but a couple of years ago gangly and awkward slowly transforms to be more refined and pleasing.  I'm talking about web sites, of course, and this one has obviously gone through another metamorphosis.  Same old hack writing style and instamatic photo skills that you've come to tolerate over the years, however. Just as some things mature, others have arrested development.
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January gets the year off to a fast start with a father-son hike (Doug) and bike ride (Brad), Brad's belated 11th birthday party, and the big San Diego County Schools Geography Olympiad for which both Kristi and Brad have been
feverishly preparing for the last two months.  Brad is playing organized basketball for the first time ever this winter.  But perhaps the most amazing news of all is that the Sherwood family has a new addition: a two month old Lab-mix puppy named Dancer.

contains Kristi's birthday every year, and this year her parents came out for it and all the other goings on.  What was going on this month was baseball, bicycling, piano and more.  More puppy, more basketball.  We took our postponed trip up to Disney's California Adventure theme park.

Madness begins with Kristi running the school's annual book fair with her friend Gail.  Little League Spring Training gave way to the start of the season and real games.  Keith and Brad put in a lot of practice miles on the bicycles, both with the Bike Club and freelance, in training for April's big Ride Across California.  Keith and Doug went camping in the desert with Indian Guides.  Brad's basketball team reached the championship game as his season wound down.  And Brad was one of the MCs at the schools annual talent show.  Oh yes, we still have Dancer the puppy.

April had two major milestones: the week long Ride Across California (where Brad and Keith biked from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean) and the day long Doug's Birthday (where Doug turns eight).  There were also baseball games (both Major and Little League), a Pinewood Derby, a Take Our Kids to Work Day, and that darn dog Dancer.

May is a crazy month every year, but I swear it keeps getting worse. Baseball is in full swing (you would have preferred I said "reaches fevered pitch"?); lots of activities at school like Open House and Field Trips, the months of loose rehearsals give way to dress rehearsals and finally the church spring musical, Mother's day arrives, and relatives come to visit.  We've added a dog to the mix this year: that's new.  It was so bad this year that we had to cancel out of the month's Y Guide camp out.

June is a month of transitions: end of baseball, end of school, end of commitments to PTA, Y Indian Guides and church board.  It was a month of transition for Great Aunt Betty and Dancer the dog, too.  We had a very "front-loaded" summer this year, with nearly all vacation/travel  toccurringhis month: big family vacation to the East Coast, the boys going to Grandma Camp, and Doug going to Church Camp.

July we caught our collective breath.  The whirlwind that was the first half of the year has been survived, and we worked on enjoying days that weren't overbooked. Brad took the last scheduled trip, a week at Church Camp. Keith and Doug went camping on the beach.  And we all got a family sail around the San Diego Bay.  Hey, we could get use to this summering in San Diego...  

August contains the unofficial end of summer.  What, you thought summer unofficially ran from Memorial Day to Labor Day?  No, as any parent can tell you, Summer runs from the day school ends to that cherished day when school begins again.  Of course, this is a two edged sword for Kristi who must now start work on her school directory.   The whole family is heavily involved in our church's annual vacation Bible school which is also held in August.

was routine.  Or at least we were able to establish a routine.  School continued to go well for Doug, Brad, and Kristi.  Not routine, but out of the ordinary, were our Labor Day camp out in the mountains and Doug and Keith's camp on Catalina Island.  In April we attended the first Padres Friday home game of the season; this month we attended the last Padres Friday night game in Qualcomm Stadium ever. And as always, church events of some sort are part of the routine.  

October began with a weekend in the ocean waters to the west, and ended with an extended weekend of firestorms to the north, east and south. That's more than enough excitement for any month, but we also made a birthday getaway to Las Vegas, finished the school directories, and managed to survive another Halloween.   

means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means it's our turn to host the extended San Diego family at our house.  See what other guests from outside San Diego attended, too. Putting their gratitude for their blessings into action, Keith and Brad traveled south of the border to build a house in Mexico. And Keith's camera takes a Magical Misdemeanor Tour.


closes out our 2003 with the traditional (Sunday school class skit, boys participating in Christmas Eve service, Christmas Eve Talent Show, Christmas Dinner at Jeff and Chrysanne's, Brad's birthday), the untraditional (a band concert, our first Christmas with Dancer, a house remodel), and even a few surprises (trips to the emergency room, an unannounced visit from Papa and Grandma Rafferty).

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