Ocean Kayaking  

La Jolla Cove, October 4, 2003  




Keith, Brad, and Doug had all gone kayaking back in June in Annapolis on a tidal river. Keith and Doug just two weeks earlier had gone kayaking in a sheltered bay on Catalina.  But these experiences were all on tandem (two person) kayaks, longer and more stable than the single person kayaks we were to use today.  And none of us had gone kayaking through breakers.  Part of the trick in choosing a date and time is to get the right tidal conditions for smaller waves since we were green horns (green paddles?).
Doug borrowed a child’s wetsuit from a friend, and Bradley swam around the inside of an extra adult wetsuit Mr. Bueker lent him.  Kristi, although she wore a swimsuit beneath her jeans and blouse, decided it was just too cold to get wet and spent the day as the official shore photographer.
For the first time in his life and after over 20 years in San Diego, Keith put on a wetsuit. He borrowed one from surfer friend Russ Bird.  Wetsuits turn inside out as you peel them off. Little did novice Keith know that, nor what a wetsuit properly worn looked like, so is it any wonder that he put the borrowed wetsuit on inside out, and wore it that way all morning?  Only as he peeled it off at lunch time did it turn right side out, exposing lettering, more pleasant colors, and much prettier seams.
During the course of the day, wildlife in addition to the kayakers was sighted: an 18” shark, a foot wide ray, a school of fish, and an inquisitive seal that was a mere dozen feet away from an unknowing Mr. Bueker and Doug.
The boys started out tentatively, needing help to get in, get going, and get through oncoming waves from an adult standing on the ocean floor.  But by after lunch they were completely self sufficient and on their own. 
Mr. Bueker and his friend Mike Fickel (original principal of Deer Canyon and partner of Mr. Bueker’s in every Ride Across California but this last one that we went on) brought 5 kayaks.  They suggested our party be as large as 10 people so 5 people could be kayaking while 5 rested.  Brad invited his friend Tony (also a Ride Across California alum), and we invited neighbors the Ayers, also RAC alumni and Mr. Bueker fans.  It was a good group and a great day, and an exceptional time was had by all.

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