Turkey Bowl Champion 2003  


Turkey Bowl Champion 2003
Yes, Kristi won the ping pong championship, and thus won the honor of keeping and displaying proudly the cherished trophy.  Who knew that every year Kristi's threats to Keith and Brad about "not bringing that thing into my house" were really a jealous facade for "the next time that trophy comes to Pipestone, it will be by MY doing..." 
The trophy is a veritable treasure trove of archaeologic materials.  It is over ten years old now (first awarded for tether ball in Kent and Ginger's driveway in 1993) and each year the victor has the honor--nay, the responsibility--of adding to the trophy by next Thanksgiving.  You can see Brad's 1999 addition of the carpet from his room that we replaced that year and Keith's 2000 contribution of the croquet stake and ball from the croquet tournament that year.
Kent won the ping pong tournament last year.  In a flagrant violation of rules restricting additional height, he created and added the ping pong paddle clock to the top of the trophy.  This addition was hailed by all present, and more than one noted that the trophy was now functional in addition to being a thing of beauty.

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