Ken and Jane's Thanksgiving Visit  

Day 1: Thursday, November 27   



Brad made up flyers on the computer, as well as a bracket to track games in the tournament of which he has made himself de facto director.  He handled the disinterest in the tournament much better this year than in years past.

The four guests from out of town: Aunt Betty (Carlsbad), Keith's mom Jane (Los Alamos), his brother Ken, and Ken's girlfriend Minoosh (Minneapolis).  The out of staters flew in separately, met at the airport, and rented a car to drive to Pipestone Way.  Preparations for the three o'clock meal were just a little more hectic than usual with Keith gone for 90 minutes fetching Betty from Carlsbad and the airport travelers arriving while he was out.

Chrysanne's father Bill and Uncle Jinson join Betty while Jane enjoys dinner with Chrysanne's brother, Andy.

Ken battled Minoosh in the ping pong tournament in one of those games that even if you win, you lose.

There was more entertainment in addition to ping pong and the Chinese Kung Fu-Soccer movie on DVD. Aunt Betty insisted that Chrysanne reprise the song she sang at Keith and Kristi's wedding.  Chrysanne demurred, citing the lack of her duet partner and piano playing accompaniment.  "Winter Wonderland" with Chrysanne singing, Kristi playing piano, and Brad on trumpet was the compromise struck.


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