Sherwood Family Vacation 2003 

Day 1: Friday, June 13 

  Flight and Family Reunion 


At the airport, with the Birds van at the curb.
Good friend and early riser Russ Bird took us to the airport Friday morning.  We had flown both as a family and individually to Albuquerque and Chicago, but this was to be our first cross country flight as a family. If we could just get the Gameboys through Security, everything would be all right.  Doug and Keith sat together, with Brad and Kristi in the row in front.  Doug was declared the Uno champion, beating Keith 8 games to 4.
We arrived in Baltimore without incident.  The last hour of the flight was spent looking out the window at the foreign sight of thick, verdant forests and numerous rivers and lakes.  There are cultural differences as well as geographic: whenever we travel east, the boys are always alarmed at how many people smoke.  
We rented a car for the week.  On the phone while making the reservation it was an Altima.  At the desk in the airport it became an Oldsmobile Alero.  When we found it in the garage, it had turned into a Ford Taurus.  More than enough room; we were happy with it.
Ken and Wanda listen to Lou Beck expound on a particular point
After having dinner on the way down from the airport and finding the reunion hotel/motel, we made our way downstairs to the meeting room where the Beck/Sherwoods we having the first event of the reunion: the gathering, the talking, the t-shirt distribution, the talking, the slide show, the talking, the generational pictures, and the talking.  Sherwoods and Becks do seem to have the gift for going on at length.  At least Keith comes by it honestly.
The second cousins. Keith is second from the left, Ken is center.
Keith's uncle Charlie Sherwood gave a slide show on the Sherwood side from 1956-1970 or so.  Then it was time for the traditional generational pictures.  The Danish flags are because the Becks immigrated from Denmark around the turn of the century. Keith goes in the 2nd cousin generation.  He always arranges them by age; he is third oldest. The reunion is headed up by Keith's father's generation, the 7 cousins.  With the passing of Great Aunt Bergie last year, there is no one left of the first generation, either Becks or their spouses.  (Great Aunt Betty Sherwood Kinney, who was going to attend before her stroke, is of this generation.  She is Keith's grandfather's sister, and Keith's grandfather married Ellen Beck.)

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