Grandma Camp 2003  

Durango, June 22-29   

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I try every year to get the boys to keep a journal of their summer activities.  It would be good practice composition and handwriting, and make a nice keepsake for them.  But most importantly I could publish their words on their summer.  Alas, it never occurs.  So here is another VirtualSherwoods correspondant, Grandma Leslie, and her story and pictures of Grandma Camp 2003.- ed.
Saturday Phil brings Chris and Ben Grossklaus to Grandpa Ted's and they leave for Durango with GP. Art and GM. Leslie who have just returned from the Beck/Sherwood Reunion in Annapolis, MD.
Sunday Chris and Ben go to the Nilsson's train meet with the grandparents and then Grandma Leslie takes them to the Recreation Center to swim. Brad, Doug and Nana arrive from ABQ airport and join the rest for hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.
Monday Uncle Stuart and Stan arrive at 7:30 to pick up Chris and Brad for their train ride and hiking and backpacking trip. They get off the train at Cascade and hike 5 miles. Nana & GM. Leslie take Ben and Doug to get river shoes for Doug and then go on to Pagosa Springs where they stop at the park by the river to play. Then on to the Wild Animal Park for the feeding of the animals. We meet a special domestic cat that is all black except for his paws and a unique white handlebar mustache. Afterwards we go to the Chinese restaurant in Pagosa for dinner. Then we start home and stop off at Aunt Patty's house for a quick tour.
Tuesday- GP Art takes Doug, Ben and GM. Leslie to the train station where they get on the first train. This is the same train that picks up Uncle Stu, Chris, Brad and Stan. We get to Silverton where we are met by Nana and GP. Art with the cars. We have lunch at the Chattanooga Café and then go up to Cunningham Gulch to wander around the river and see the huge and spectacular waterfall. Home to Durango and a dinner of ham that has been cooking on its own in the oven. 
Wednesday A slow start to the day with a 2 p.m raft ride. Afterwards GP. Art takes the boys to the Rec Center for a swim and a shower. Meanwhile Nana and Leslie go shopping for dinner and the camping trip. Dinner is tacos, it is late but really good. Then the big packing begins for the camping trip at Mesa Verde.
Thursday We begin the day by continuing to load the cars for the camping trip. Then we took the traditional grandkids in the ore cart photo. Nana & Leslie packed a lunch and stopped off in Santa Rita Park to take the other traditional photo at Engine #315. Since we got a late start, we had lunch at the park. Then we were off to Farmington to visit the Bolak Fish and Wildlife Museum. It was amazing. This former governor had accumulated a huge collection of animals (dead and displayed) and has opened it to the public. He left a trust so that they never have to charge anyone an entry fee. After leaving we went on to Mesa Verde. We checked in and low and behold we got the same campsite that we had at Grandma Camp 2001. We set up the tents and were done by the time Aunt Patty got to camp from work. We had our traditional dinner of brats and fried potatoes and quickly cleaned up so we could go to the nightly ranger talk.
Friday We made breakfast of bacon and pancakes and went to the Visitors' Center to schedule a tour. We were lucky and got tickets to the 2 p.m. tour of Long House on Wetherill Mesa. This is our first time on this seldom traveled mesa. We had lunch near the start of the tour, did the tour and then bid goodbye to Nana, Brad and Doug who had to leave for Albuquerque to catch a Saturday noon plane. Grandma Leslie, Aunt Patty, Chris and Ben went back to camp to rest and fix dinner of leftover brats and quesidillas. We then went to the ranger talk but left early since it was cold and the talk was not as interesting as the previous night. 
Saturday We were up early and packed up to leave so the boys and Aunt Patty can go and do the challenging Balcony Cliff House tour. While they did that, Grandma Leslie went shopping for mementos. After the tour,Grandma Camp was officially over as the tired, weary and dirty crew left for Durango and home. We look forward to 2004 when we plan to visit Vallecito, which is near Bayfield and has horses and a lake with boats for hire. This time we are thinking of renting a cabin.

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