California Adventure 

 February 14, 2003 

  Brad and Doug First Thing in the Morning  


Brad and Doug on bridge to Paradise Pier
We didn't get a traditional family shot at the front of Disneyland picture, so this one of Brad and Doug in front of the Paradise Pier section will have to suffice.  It was the first picture in California Adventure, before any rides were taken.
Paradise Pier contains the "thrill rides" and tries to capture the spirit of the Santa Cruz boardwalk, I suppose.  From left to right you can see California Screamin', the big roller coaster (with loop inside Mickey silohette just out of frame to the left); the Sun Wheel, a ferris wheel where some of the cars run on an oval track as the wheel rotates; the Maliboomer, an accelerate straight up ride; and the Orange Stinger, a rotating swing ride inside an orange peel.

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