Papa and Grandma Joann's Visit


Bob and Joann flew in Christmas Eve, then flew out New Years Eve morning.  Here is some of the fun in between.

The Christmas Eve Talent Show is preceded by an informal pot luck dinner.

Bob and Joann spent the first part of Christmas morning at Jeff and Chrysanne's house with their granddaughters.  In late morning, they moved to Keith and Kristi's and their grandsons.  Keith arrived with Great Aunt Betty and her caregiver Josie a little while later.  Then we all sat down to Christmas brunch.

Kelsy shows her grandfather how the game of Operation is played on Christmas night at her father Jeff's house.

Father and son must really like each other, because here there are hanging out together again just 24 hours after the first picture was taken. 

All the Rafferty's together again at Jeff's house Christmas night: Jeff, Bob, Joann, and Kristi.

Saturday night we went to a San Diego State basketball game.  This was our Christmas present to Bob and Joann (well, Bob is a big college hoops fan, I just hope Kristi got Joann a little something else), and Jeff came along too.
Bob found the general admission seats we purchased to be Not Good Enough for Him (something about concrete benches vs. real stadium seats) so he illegally transferred seats.  His brazen act lead the boys into the same mischief.    In the picture above you can see the perpetrators in the purloined seats foreground, and Jeff, Kristi, and Joann in the law abiding seats in the back.

Okay, so the seats they moved to weren't that much better than the ones they left (since they were still pretty high), but it did bring to mind the last time Papa and the boys tried to find their seats at a sporting event....
Speaking of basketball, Bob did get to visit one practice for each boy, but because of the timing of the trip, the grandparents didn't get to see them in any basketball games.

Sunday we reconvened the Grandparents and their grandchildren's' families at a sports-themed restaurant.  Having long since lost interest, we didn't realize today was the last day of the NFL season, at least for the Chargers.  Little did we know that the Chargers' Postgame Show was broadcast from this very restaurant.  We were rewarded for our ignorance by being placed at the table immediately adjacent to the temporary studio.  The boys of course were fascinated.  The girls of course didn't notice.  By the sportscaster's look at our table above, I have to wonder whether our boisterous presence was more distracting to them than vice versa.

Monday night was a quiet evening at home with the grandparents for Brad's birthday.

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