Out at Home 

  Bradley guns down the runner from left field  


Sometimes I get lucky taking pictures.  Actually, I just take lots and lots and occasionally something of particular interest is captured.  This sequence has Brad, playing left field, throwing out the runner at home trying to score from second. Since you don't see the other end of the throw, you'll just have to take my word for it.
The body language is interesting, but the look of determination on his face and Jordan-esque tongue out is most telling as he guns down the runner at home.
The hitter advanced to second on the throw home.  But when the next batter hit it down the third base line to Brad, the third base coach respected Brad's arm and held the runner up at third.  Here's a picture from that sequence, where Brad didn't throw home but glared at the runner held at third, daring him to go.
Well, third base coach, just try and send him home again...


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