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Sherwood Family throughout 2002  
Welcome to the Sherwood Family web site, our little patch of 40 acres in cyberspace.  Actually, more like 100 megabytes. The goal is to add a page of photos and text every month describing our lives, building a time capsule or photo album for posterity (their names are Brad and Doug) while simultaneously keeping friends and family up to date without bearing the burden of the ever increasing cost of postage.

To email Keith, Kristi, Brad or Doug, just put their name in front of "@virtualsherwoods.com" to create their email address.  Plaudits for the web site are especially appreciated.

 January should be a time to stop and recharge after the holiday season.  It never works that way for us; January always conspires to be nearly as busy as December.  This year starts with a quick trip to Los Alamos to visit Keith's mom, Bradley's participation in the county school's Geography Olympiad, craft projects for both Doug (Pinewood Derby) and Brad (California Mission), and a California Adventure on the cheap.

Sure it's February . But this is San Diego, so we still go to the beach (we just don't get into the water).   We also go on bike rides, attend a sock hop, hang out at church a lot, and go rock climbing indoors. Plus some big changes in minor things like employment and family vehicle.

March began and ended with extended family.
The Raffertys and Aunt Betty came for dinner the first weekend, and of course the last weekend was Easter, with the second annual kite flying picnic at Mission Bay.  In between there is lots of physical exertion: baseball, rollerblading, and mountain biking.

April is Doug's birth month, so you know there were various celebrations.  Baseball of all sorts was played and viewed.  It was also Spring Break, with the traditional first beach trip of the year and a (kids-hope-it-becomes-traditional) trip to an amusement park. And Brad surprised even himself by qualifying for the school spelling bee.

  May seemed like a busy month at the time, and now it feels that way all over again as I notice how many pictures I took.
Grandpa Art and Grandma Leslie came to town for a visit, Keith and Doug went camping in the mountains,
Keith and Brad went on a field trip to Sacramento,
and Doug and Brad acted and sang in the church musical.
And Kristi had her day on Mother's Day.

June sees school and baseball end just in time for the Great American Family Car Vacation to begin.

  We're still on our road trip around the USA when July starts.  When the road trip ends, the boys go off separately on their own vacations, prompting their parents to complain, not for the first time, that we didn't have such fantastic, fun-filled summer vacations when we were growing up.

We caught our collective breath in August as everyone returned home and stayed home, preparing for school to start at the end of the month. Brad was baptized, and Keith received an unexpected honor at church.

  We went camping as a whole family in September , for the first time since well before Doug was born. Soccer season begins in ernest as games start.

The Sherwoods try to single-handedly prop up the economy by buying a second new car in 2002, a fine example of gross consumerism if ever there was one.  Keith and Brad take a road trip.  Kristi finishes the school directory. Keith and Doug do Indian Guides.  Keith turns 39.  And then there's Halloween tacked on to the end of October .

  In November we were thankful for another trip to Camp Fox on Catalina, the "Deli Ride" bike ride, and hosting the extended family for the annual Thanksgiving Day feast.  School was thankful Kristi picked up a major new volunteer position.
And the family was thankful Keith doesn't try his hand in the kitchen more often.

We cram way too many activities into the Christmas Season, just like you do. But did you know that December contained the longest day of the year (the 14th) as well as the shortest (the 21)?

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