Father-Son Road Trip
When I first pitched the idea to Brad about him accompanying me on a road trip to Fresno to dispose of the Mustang, I didn't know what to expect.  I steeled myself for non-chalant rejection, but I was gratified by his enthusiastic acceptance.  I didn't quite know what he was expecting (adventure?), but I would certainly be glad of his company for the 5 to 7 hour drive. So we each made arrangements to cover our responsibilities (church, soccer, etc.) and planned our weekend get-a-way to Fresno October 26-27.

Driving the Mustang up to Fresno
Saturday afternoon and evening drive from San Diego to Fresno, through the megalopolis that is Los Angeles, over the Grapevine, and up the great San Jaquin Valley.

We enjoy the hospitality of Lou and Wanda Beck of San Bruno Avenue, take a tour of Fresno with Lou at the wheel, and drop off the Mustang with Jeff Beck in the Fresno suburb of Clovis.

Riding Back Down to San Diego
With a different driver in a different Mustang, we rocket back down to San Diego Sunday afternoon and evening (in much quicker fashion than the previous day's northward leg).

Sunset in the Central Valley

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