Sherwood Family Visit

October 20, 2002

Kristi, Brad, Doug and Keith arrive after lunch, and immediately run into friends on their way out.  They take our picture for us, and our afternoon at Bell Gardens begins.
First order of business: the corn maze.  Second order of business will be the train ride.

Brad and Doug, budding civil engineers, examine the irrigation system.  (Actually, boys being boys, they're playing with a pin hole leak in the pressurized irrigation hose.)
Bradley poses with his favorite vegetable and licks his lip at the thought: mmmm, broccoli.

Kristi and Doug pose at the vegetable stand with the corn stalks that will soon enough turn on Doug and cause him to fuss.
Doug looks over the selection, casting a discerning eye for just the perfect pumpkin.

Doug has found the perfect pumpkin!  Brad looks on in envy as he continues to dig through the pile looking for his.

We took the convertible expecting a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive and ignoring the fact we might purchase bulky items.  The pumpkins were easy to fit compared to the corn stalks. Final configuration was pumpkins in the trunk and corn stalks in the car, running diagonally from the front passenger seat into Doug's shoulder.  He wasn't pleased.

Text and Pictures Copyright © 2002 Keith Sherwood - All Rights Reserved