Brad's Thanksgiving 2002 Page

Andy`s close up. That`s all I can say. Eh em. Yeah.
Bill is busy in the kitchen while kids play and adults talk. Bringing and carving the turkey has been Bill`s[ not required] job for a number of years and still no thought of leaving the job to anyone else. Of course there`s no dinner on Thanksgiving without turkey. Thanks Bill!

We haven`t had dinner and your covering your stomach already, Chrysanne? My, my. It`s Thanksgiving , too.
Kelsy shows her beautiful  black velvet dress and Brad`s sunglasses on a nice formica wood floor.

Ginger looking at Toys"R" Us catalog wondering and asking about everything the Sherwood boys want.
Kent has fun laughing and playing ping-pong, completely [ or so it seems ] oblivious that in an hour he will be the 2002 Turkey Bowl Extravaganza Ping-Pong Tournament Trophy-Take-Homing Champion. Whh.

Super Model KelsyTM takes attention away from Super Model KaliTM as she shows the world more of her world class modeling.
As Bill carves the turkey, Susan sits on a couch arm and smiles, not exactly talking, but listening.
There`s Kelsy again practicing her double Rockette kick, not knowing the judges and world are already watching.

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