Fourth Grade Field Trip to Sacramento
Arriving at the Capitol


After a short 90 minute flight, we arrived at the Sacramento airport.  Brad got in the spirit of the field trip immediately by being amazed at the wonders of the Sacramento airport and how it was so much better than San Diego.  (Note to those who haven't been there: it isn't.) After meeting our guide in the concourse, we were ushered to the far end of the passenger loading zone, where a luxury bus appeared to whisk us away to downtown Sacramento.

Mr. Koubek, the organizing teacher, reacted excitedly at the first sight of our tour guide, Jerry.  He had toured with Jerry before, and assured the adults the kids were in for a great trip.  Jerry did not disappoint, filling our ride in from the airport with an entertaining mixture of California history and rules for behavior today.

Our first stop was the State Capitol.  We inexplicably approached from the west in the morning, making photography extremely difficult.  I attempt to solve the problem above by using the tree to obscure the sun.  That's Jerry the Tour Guide in the white shirt, simultaneously herding his charges and explaining the history of the Capitol.

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