2001 Overview 

The web site seems to have reached critical mass now, so I suppose I’d better finally write this introduction.

Unsurprisingly, the pages that make up this web site are pretty uneven.  I say unsurprisingly because my only plan when I started was to break up the year end summary web page (that I promised every year to do but never could manage the effort in December) into 12 easier to complete pieces.  That different months have different amounts of information, pictures, and links should be expected with so little planning ahead.  While the main month pages all have the same format, the link pages don’t, and vary considerably in the amount of time they take to load (i.e. some months I went high resolution while others I went low).  This last issue I have solved by August, so from there on I’ll stick with lower resolution for speedier load times.

Somewhere along about June a funny thing happened.  The pages stopped being a letter to friends and relatives, and became instead a letter to Keith, Kristi, Brad and Doug 10 and 20 years in the future.  It stopped being a communiqué, and became a scrapbook.  The tone and nature of the writing changed (what do you mean you can’t tell?) as the perceived audience shifted.  Kristi quite rightly became concerned we simply publishing too much information.  A quick poll of local friends on the notification email proved her right: they indeed hadn’t managed to get to every nook and cranny posted (although whether it was because of disinterest or long download times, I don’t know).

Keith  9/01


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