Family Hike Around Lake Poway

Labor Day, September 3, 2001

After seeing signs to Lake Poway for years but never going, we finally went for the first time this Labor Day.  Four bucks to get in and park revealed a lake with ball fields, volleyball, playgrounds and lots of grass, in addition to rental boats of varying size, cost, and complexity.
First picture comes when we've already hiked halfway around, looking East, away from the lake.  We're so excited about the hike that our feet aren't touching the ground. Looking back West across the lake.  We parked above the grass at the upper left, and are hiking counter-clockwise.  That's the pier and the tackle shop over Kristi's head. 
Throwing rocks is always important, especially if water is involved. The shady area above Brad is where we parked and started our hike. That's the dam above Doug.  You don't hike across it, you hike below it.  Note to self: always take this hike clockwise, so you start with the big climb, not end with it.
We took this shot right in front of the shaded bench.  Just over Keith's left shoulder is the tackle shop, the site of the next picture. On the Porch the rental office and tackle shop, after our hike.  The little shaded bench must be right above Bradley someplace.

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