9-11 Terrorism Attacks

A week of  planning. 
Thinking it out well. 
Boy do these people hate America. 
"This is an enemy who preys on innocent people," George Bush. 
I hate this. America hates this. The world hates this. 
Four plane crashes. 
Collapsing buildings. 
A smoke plume visible from space. 
A desperate search and rescue. 
Four billion dollars of damage. 
Hundreds of deaths. 
America is defensive. THEY are not. This is bad. This is terrible.

But they have not succeeded, for today we America get together to remember those who lost their lives in this tragedy. This is a holiday of remembrance, a non-celebrating holiday. The terrorists did not succeed. What they wanted was to tear America apart, but today on September 14, 2001 we unite. Together, today, is a Memorial Day for a different kind of war. And today America unites. Let us keep memories forever, and look back to today to say we united to remember. 
  Let America unite today, and forever more.

Bradley Sherwood
September 14, 2001

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