Kristi's Last Day at Work, 9/20/86
Kristi says goodbye to Douglas on this, his last day of daycare.  Although we lived in Penasquitos now, daycare was still back in Mira Mesa, just a block from our old house. Douglas with his daycare provider Cindy and her two kids, Emilio and Lindsay.  Like everything of Doug's, Cindy was a hand-me-down from Bradley.
Kristi worked at Academic Press downtown for 10 years, starting as a copywriter and rising to Product Manager, when her coworkers threw her this party. Kristi with her going away card.
Kristi shows Brad around her office.  Kristi traded her button-down 21st floor office with a view of Balboa Park... ...for a casual second floor office with 2 major distractions and a topographic views of portions of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

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