Padres Game

Friday Night, October 5, 2001

Betty and George Kinney were kind enough to give us tickets to a Padres game.  We originally chose a non-descript contest scheduled for September 14 between two teams long since out of the race.  But because it was one of baseball's postponed games, it became Tony Gwynn's third to last game.  The game itself was unremarkable:  Ricky Henderson did not get hits 2999 or 3000, Tony did not get a hit in his ninth inning pinch hit appearance, and while Barry Bonds was hitting homers 71 and 72, the Padres were getting shut out by the Rockies.

But what was interesting were our seats: three rows back and just inside the right field foul pole.  Neat, as it looks straight down the bat barrel of left handed hitters 320 feet away, but the really amazing thing was that we were the only ones in our section. A section is 17-20 seats wide and 15-20 rows tall.  And we were it.  Twice ushers demanded to see our tickets, assuming we had sat in the wrong section.  Twice I produced the golden tickets.  The section to our right was filled, but our section and two to the left were empty, and obviously not put on sale.  After we went home, I spent the next three hours taping the game as it was repeated on a local cable channel.   The pictures below are from the TV feed of the game.

These pictures were used without the express written permission of Baseball or the local cable station.

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