Camping, Agua Caliente

Friday through Sunday, October 19-21

Our first Indian Guide Camp out was in the desert 90 miles east of San Diego at a county park called Agua Caliente.  This was a nation event, so all the Indian Guide and Princess tribes of Penasquitos were there. It was pretty weird to see all of Penasquitos transported out to the desert:  I saw Dads from the boys' school, baseball coaches, even a neighbor from down the street.
The Sioux Tribe campsite, running from the three (!) shade awnings to the Bird's Westfallia.  Note also the hill behind camp that provided endless hours of entertainment for the braves.  After a long afternoon on the hill behind camp, Doug and Bennett just hang out and read in Bennett's Westfallia. 
What's an Indian Guide event without a sack race?  Douglas has gotten much better since his first experience two weeks earlier at the Induction Picnic.. Before it got too hot, we went for a morning hike.
Douglas, Bennett, and tribal chief Russ Bird on the trail. The whole tribe out on the hike.
Everyone rushed to see the rumored bats in the cave. There was no adult confirmation of bats. Doug and Dad on the hill behind camp.
Douglas didn't care for the ice cream, so Dad was forced to eat his popsicle for him. What's a compute without 'smores?  And what little boy hasn't discovered that although 'smores are good, just catching your marshmallow on fire offers a more visceral thrill.  And what father hasn't sought to reassure his by peeling the burnt skin off and eating the hot and sticky but still edible insides?

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