Bell Gardens

Sunday Afternoon, October 7

Brad's Sunday baseball game was canceled due to the Padres game: too many kids were going to miss the game to go to the last Padre game of the season, and Tony Gwynn's last game of his career.  We suddenly had a Sunday afternoon free.  A glance at the calendar told us this might be our only chance for the traditional annual trip to a "pumpkin patch" for pumpkins.  So we loaded up the car and headed out into the rural hinterlands of San Diego (if there is such a thing, as subdivisions are every where) to Bell Gardens, our "pumpkin patch" of choice for the last couple of years.

Bell Gardens is a small demonstration farm.  Besides hosting thousands during October, it also hosts school field trips and a produce market.  It is owned and operated as a kind of public park by Glenn Bell, who founded Taco Bell.  In addition to being an operating farm, it also has an amazing 1/4 scale railroad with miles of track.
There were two tractors giving hay rides, one green and one red.  We've been trained by Kristi's dad well: we made sure to ride behind the green one (John Deere). Note the train across the pond.
Well, we did come to get pumpkins. So each boy find your perfect pumpkin.
There are small plots of many different varieties of vegetables and other plants.  Note train platform in background. Relaxing on board the train.  The kids are in the enclosed stock car, where all the kids seem eager to ride.
Doug and I played "King of the Rock," first pushing each other off... ...then eventually entertaining ourselves by taking pictures of Doug upon the rock.

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