Indian Guides Campout at Camp Fox, Catalina

November 9-11, 2001

After arriving well after dark, Keith and Doug go exploring Saturday morning.  What luck!  They've found the mess hall just in time for breakfast. Bennett Bird and Doug try out the sea kayaks from the safety of shore.  Later, on the first attempt at actually taking to the water, a wave will come over the bow and drench Douglas' enthusiasm.  However a second attempt still later will be successful, and Dad and Doug will paddle around a bit. 
Saturday evening, and we have moved from the cabins behind the mess hall down to the canvas-walled cabins at water's edge. Douglas contemplates life looking out from the seaside cabin Saturday evening.
Douglas on the deck of our first night's accomodations.  Note mess hall on the left, and the dock beyond. Doug and Bennett said one of their favorite activies was drop-line fishing from the dock at the end of the pier.  Here Russ shows them how to bait their hook with squid.
As far as the boys' favorite passtimes, a close second to fishing was archery. Keith, Doug, Bennett and Russ enjoy the one hour of sun experienced all weekend, Sunday at noon as they waited for the boat back to the mainland to arrive.
At Sunday morning assembly, Russ, as Tribe Chief, has just asked Little Palamino what his favorite camp activity was.  Suddenly, fishing, archery, frisbee golf, throwing rocks, row boating, etc., have all left his mind. A look down from Bible Peak over Camp Fox.  Mess Hall, inland cabins, and archery range are out of the picture to the right.