Illinois Vacation

Kristi and Doug, July 20-30, 2001
Is this the gas or the breaks, Papa? Papa seems relieved to have survived Doug's driving
Everyday found another neighbor's yard that needed mowing, and another excuse for the boys to drive the tractor. Doug must have been pretty good at steering if he was allowed to park the tractor in the garage next to the car.
Just Papa, Douglas, a racing car, and the open road. Now that's life. Now how do I get out of this seat belt? I've never worn one before....
Whether Papa just wanted to spoil him, or Doug demanded more speed than the tractor could offer, they ended up at a go cart track. With Papa on the right and Doug on the left, they took several laps.
Like Papa.....Like Grandson
Oh, yeah. I'm a cool driver. Just look how well I mowed the sidewalk!
Like Papa.....Like Grandson After a couple of days of practice sharing the seat with Papa, Douglas starts driving on his own.  I take it the mower is off, right?
Doug's picture of Aunt Shirley and Mommy. Doug's the one on the right.
Doug's picture of Aunt Shirley and Mommy. Doug's the one on the right.
Just horsin' around on the Lausterer farm. Look, Mom: I caught a horse.
Whenever a grandson gets to Illinois, Papa, who has left the farm and lives in Bloomington, arranges a visit to a relative's or friend's farm.  This time, Doug vistited the Lausterer farm. Although he might have seen minature horses at the fair before, its a sinch he's never been this close.
Doug had to go all the way to the Lausterer farm to play a computer game. All dressed up and ready to bed.
Much is made in emails to Illinois about these webpages and how Grandma and Papa don't have a computer or Web access.  "Please help the digital divide," we ask their connected friends, "and invite them over to view our latest web page." One night, after Douglas was already in his pajamas and negociating going to bed, Papa brought a limo home after a run.
My grandparents sure do have a nice car.
Leather seats, a sun roof, a tv, and no Brad. Now that's what I
So pictures naturally ensued. As did checking out inside.  Must have gone for a ride somewhere, notice the seatbelt.
It was corny, but fun at the McLean Country Fair. Hay Papa and Grandma, say cheese!
Kristi has many fond memories of the McLean Country Fair, and was very happy to return with Doug.   Of course, the county fair was bittersweet, with the fairgrounds in a new location and other sacrosanct childhood memories violated.  Just not the Golden Age anymore.
Kristi really had to arch her back to get this picture!
Just Doug hanging out at the base of the Arch.
Brad was very eager for Mom and Doug to ride to the top of the Arch.  But the wait was too long, the crowds too large, and the weather too humid.   So time was spent just milling around the base and walking the river.
Back when your mom was a girl, Doug, we used to take her to school in one of these. Running around with Grandparents can be hard work for a grandson.
There was time to go to the Arch museum, though. Did I mention it was hot and humid?  Here Douglas replenishes his fluids, and Grandma shows the effect of the heat by calling her grandson "Dick." No one knows who Dick is.
Kristi didn't say, Say Cheese! she suggested, Look introspective!
At the downtown mall in St. Louis. Inside the mall, Doug and Papa road these same paddle boats at Union Station.
Have you noticed how close together they're putting airplane seats these days?
Doug and Papa, always in hight spirits, enjoy some last minute goofing off at the St. Louis airport.  It's often hard to tell who winds up the other one more.  Well, not really: you can tell who the obvious instigator is here.

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