Bradley's July 2001 Webpage
Photos by Brad and Grandma Leslie; text by Brad

Legoland, Carlsbad CA, July 12, 2001

Unlike most kids, my favorite part of Legoland is mini-land.  This is downtown San Fransisco with the Five Painted Ladies. You don't have to go to Washington DC to  see Washington DC; you can go to Legoland.
Grandma Leslie's Summer 
Camp, July 20-29, 2001
This is my yearly picture with my cousin Chris in the ore car in my grandma's front yard.  That's her in the back. This is my grandpa's out door train track.  Chris and I are watching the Goose go over the trestle.
Here is another yearly picture with my cousin in front of engine 315 in a park in Durango.  Chris and I are standing in front of a huge circular trestle at Grandpa Art's friend's house.
Chris, Grandpa Art, and I are sitting at memorial picnic area by the Animas River having lunch. 

Mesa Verde Camp Out
A tour gathers around a ceremonial religious kiva at Cliff Palace at Vesa Mesa National Park. As Grandma Leslie and I  explored the Spruce Tree House ruins, this little girl was lucky enough to get in my picture. 
Chris and I are sitting in big bubble in the cliff formed by water. We went hiking and stopped for some pictures at Spruce Tree House.

Camping at Pagosa Springs
At our campsite in Pagosa Springs, there was a big tree with a swing that went out over the river. When I was camping in Pagosa Springs, I saw this huge tree house with two swings and a big staircase.
A black bear (that is actually brown) and a grizzly bear pace their cage as they wait for their food. The black bear on the left is at its full size, while the grizzly on the right just a three year old. The aftermath of a mother and father mountain lion wrestling match.
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