Disneyland, January 29th, 2001

Traditional picture before entering Immediately after the Super Bowl, we loaded up the car and started driving, without telling the kids what we were doing.  They did see the suitcases, however, so they knew an over nighter was at hand.  As we passed Legoland in Carlsbad and still headed north on I-5, we admitted to the kids that we were going to Disneyland.  The kids had Monday off school and Dad had a comp day at work (Keith worked MLK day, unlike the federal and state bureaucracies), so we thought a Monday in the dead of winter was as uncrowded as D-Land was ever going to get.  Kristi had the further brilliant idea to go up the night before and avoid the Monday morning traffic. 
Traditional first ride: the train We regretted it almost immediately.  It took only four warnings/threats/pleadings with the boys about "not jumping off the beds/not running/you know there is somebody trying to sleep below us" before the whole repressed memory of the previous summerís car vacations and motel misadventures came rushing back.  Sure enough the boys could not share a spacious double bed without touching, breathing on, or in some other way disturbing each other.  All of which I remember distinctly from my childhood and traveling with my family and sleeping with my brother.  So once again I must say, "Mom, Dad, Iím truly sorry for what Ken and I put you through."
Eleven AM between Pirates of Carribean and Tom Sawyer's Island with nobody else in the picure Of course, with what little rational minds we had left, Kristi and I knew the out of the ordinary bad behavior was simply due to the out of the ordinary excitement of a motel (the kids for some reason find great adventure in the idea of staying at a motel) and Disneyland tomorrow.

The next morning we had breakfast outside the park and ventured in.

We hadn't been for a couple of years, so the boys were ready.  Doug was 3 last time we went (thus saving us $32 dollars), so this was to be his first "memorable" time. 

I'm not sure the new Disneyland multiple story parking structure hasn't displaced the Pentegon as largest building in the world.  It's huge.  They have opened a whole new theme park where the old parking lot used to be: Californialand.  Am I the only one who sees the rich irony of Disney creating an ersatz celebration of the very state 1) in which it resides, the real thing available for free but a step outside its walls, and 2) whose myth Disney itself helped create and promote.  Sort of cannibalistic.  I guess they had to do it before Las Vegas did it.
Doug is clearly having the most fun of all Last time we went Bradley was afraid of anything resembling a roller coaster.  This time he wanted to conquer them all. He was still a little scared, but he did do them all.  Doug was tall enough for everything (except driving Autopia).  The most fun for me all day was putting Brad and Doug in a car together, having Kristi drive the car in front of them, and filming the whole thing from the passenger seat.  I'm sure I looked stupid holding the camcorder up and backwards, but it was great fun.  Second most fun was reaching out of my "pod" in the Haunted Mansion and grabbing Brad from behind.  Boo! Third was buckling in to Star Tours, the lights dimming, and Doug announcing he really had to go to the bathroom.
Just two boys out for a good time Big smiles and they try to catch and bump Mom and Dad   
Doesn't this look and feel like an album cover? Lunch at Pizza Port   Doug gets to drive the rocket since Brad drove the car
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