Text Box: Without a doubt, the biggest event this year for Keith was rupturing his Achilles heel in March.  This required surgery, weeks on crutches then walking boot, and months of physical therapy.  Heís completely healed now, however, and is back to playing volleyball and mountain biking.
Keith has joined YMCA Indian Guides with Doug, and is enjoying camping again for the first time in years.  Although itís just car camping, he feels that heís laying the groundwork for backpacking in the future.  And he hopes Brad will get jealous and be inclined to join Boy Scouts.
Keith has become even more active in church, where he now teaches Sunday School for the fifth graders.  
This summer, Keith and family attended his motherís retirement party and 20th high school reunion.
Keithís new love this year has been developing the family web page.  He bought a new digital camera and new computer since they were necessities to give you, gentle reader, the quality you deserve.
Text Box: This September Kristi celebrated her five year anniversary as a stay at home mom.  She keeps threatening to quit, but something about the long hours and thankless tasks make her stay.
Kristi works in Dougís classroom every week, but discovered this year that fourth graders are too big to need parent volunteers in the class.  For the third year in a row Kristi has put her experience in marketing and publishing to work by producing the school directory.
With Dougís school day now as long as Bradís, Kristi has had time to develop a new interest: tennis.  She and a friend take lessons once a week.  Her progress since starting has been smashing!
 This summer, Kristi took yet another van trip around the Southwest (they seem to be a yearly occurrence), as well as flying back to Illinois with Doug to visit her parents.
Kristi continues to be active in church, as a deacon, Wednesday night session coordinator, and group leader for Vacation Bible School.
Text Box: Douglas
Text Box: Doug finished Kindergarten and began First Grade in 2001.  While writing (putting pencil to paper) can still be a struggle for him, he is excelling in math, spelling, and reading.
Doug played T-Ball in the spring, and soccer in the fall.  This was his first baseball Text Box: experience, and second year of soccer.  He seems to be following his brotherís example of liking goalie. But most importantly, he does a good job and enjoys himself.
Douglas and his dad joined the YMCA Indian Guides this fall, which is a program that does father-son activities.  Theyíve already gone on two real campouts: one to the Text Box: desert east of San Diego, and another to a YMCA camp on the island of Catalina.
In the summer, Doug traveled with his mother to Illinois to visit Papa and Grandma, as well as to New Mexico with the whole family to visit Nana.  We left him in Los Alamos for a week after we left, and he and Nana had a car trip together back to San Diego.
Text Box: Merry Christmas From The Sherwood Family, 2001
Text Box: Thereís more (much more) on the web at http://members.cts.com/king/k/ksher/2001
Text Box: Keith
Text Box: Kristi
Text Box: Bradley
Text Box: While in third grade, Brad was on his schoolís Geography and Math Olympiad teams.  Now in fourth grade, he has joined the Future Engineers and Scientists of America and is Student Council representative for his room.  He spoke at the school assembly following the September 11th terrorist Text Box: attacks, the only fourth grader to do so.  
Bradley continues to play baseball and soccer (shortstop and goalie).  He scored his first ever goal this year, and suddenly isnít so satisfied with goalie anymore. 
Bradley is definitely growing up: this year he dyed his hair blond twice, he got braces, and we noticed girls are noticText Box: ing himÖ..
Bradley went to church summer camp for a week in July, and spent a week at Grandma Leslieís Summer Camp in Colorado with his cousin Chris.  They camped, rafted, and went to Mesa Verde.
Brad is in his third year of piano lessons, and both boys sing in the Churchís Childrenís Choir.