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12/22/11: 2011: Now and Then

Clearly not too much going on around here these days.  I mean, look at the picture to the left: those little boys are still little.

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2005 gets off to a difficult first six months with Great Aunt Betty on hospice and eventually passing in March, and Keith as Chair of the Board until June of a church without a minister.  The second half is looking up, however, and this web site is starting to get updated again.  (Note: January through April still not present.)

2004: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  We got a beautiful remodel of kitchen, family room and bedroom, but had to live through 6 months of daily disruption.  Individually we had great vacations, but never took a family vacation. Helping to care for Aunt Betty was both a privilege and a strain. And Keith was elected to Chair of the Board at Church during what turned out to be one of the most tumultuous years within memory.  (Note: Complete only through May.)

2003 includes highlights such as the Ride Across California, getting our dog Dancer, the family vacation to Washington D.C. and more that I don't need to remember because I have this web site to remember for me. 

2002 seems like such a long time ago. But then it all rushes back when you look through the months and remember: a trip to Los Alamos in the winter; the fourth grade field trip to Sacramento; the great 5000 mile, 14 state summer car trip; getting the new Camry and the new Mustang; the father-son road trip in the old Mustang; Bradley's baptism; our first family Labor Day camp out; and visits from Kristi's dad, Keith's dad and step mom, and Keith's Aunt Judy and Uncle Charlie. 

2001 was the first year I attempted keeping a monthly web page chronicling our year.  The pages are a bit rudimentary, and the pictures lower resolution, but the sentiment no less sincere and the family is no less over-scheduled than web years since. 

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